“It’s a diminishment of Whedon’s talents, as he squeezes himself into an ill-fitting narrative straitjacket, and it’s a diminished form that has become formula, that depends entirely on minor technical innovations and leaves virtually no room for drama or tragedy or anything else that might make the story actually interesting. To praise the movie lavishly, as so many people have done and will continue to do, basically requires making endless allowances. It’s really good (for being a comic-book movie). It’s really good (for being almost exactly like dozens of other things). It’s really good (for being utterly inconsequential).”

Andrew O’Hehir, The Avengers: Will Superhero Movies Never End?, Salon.

This review expresses pretty much everything I thought about The Avengers. Read it. I’ll defend Nolan, but I hate feeling pummeled for no reason.